Line Shaft Zero Pressure Accumulator


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TREAD ROLLERS: 1.9" dia. x 16 ga. steel, model 196S grooved.

DRIVE BELT: 3/16" dia., polyurethane belts. Nominal 15 lbs. per roller drive.

DRIVE SHAFT: 1" dia. C1018 cold rolled steel shaft.

COUPLINGS: Couplings located both ends (type "A"), one end only (type "B" or "C") or none (type "D").

CENTER DRIVE: Located approximately 16-1/2" from end of bed section on 4" RC; 18" on 3" and 6" RC.

SPEED: 60 FPM, constant.

ACCUMULATION ZONE: 2'-0" zone length, pneumatically actuated, zone singulation operation.

BEARINGS: All bearings are precision, lubricated, ball bearing units with composite housings.

BED: 7" x 1-1/2" x 12 ga. formed steel channel frame. Bed sections attached with splice plates and floor supports.

FLOOR SUPPORTS: SM-6 adjustable 31-1/2" to 43-1/2" TOR. Supports should be lagged to floor.

FRL: Unit is provided with filter, regulator, lubricator with 1/4" ports.

PNEUMATIC ACTUATION: Maximum air line pressure should not exceed 30 PSI.

MOTOR DRIVE: 1/3 HP, 230/460/3, 60 cycle, ODP right angle gear motor.

ROLLER CHAIN: Drive shaft is driven by No. 50 chain. Chain take-up provided on motor base.