High Speed Sorter


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AIR CYLINDER: 2" dia. bore.

LENGTH OF STROKE: 18", 24", 30" and 36" available.

PUSHER PLATE: 30" wide x 6" high x 1/8" aluminum channel.

MAXIMUM CYCLE RATE: 35 cycles/min.

PUSH-OFF CYCLE TIME: 0.8 second  0.1 second per cycle.

FRL: Included, w/ 3/8" ports.

COMPRESSED AIR: 0.5 cu. ft./min. at 80 to 100 PSI per cycle.

ENCLOSURE: NEMA 1 houses terminal strip for all wiring connections.

WIRING DIAGRAM: Housed inside of terminal box.

ELECTRICAL CONTROLS: 115 volt, single phase, 60 hertz 50 millisecond pulse signal. Unit also includes following controls: 3-position control switch--(1) auto, (2) off, (3) test; sensor to detect complete push-off cycle; stall timer; signal to stop conveyor if cycle time exceeds time set on stall timer.

MISC. TERMINALS: Provided for wiring to back-up sensors which inhibit diverter action until condition is cleared. Terminals also provided for connecting back-up warning light and buzzer and for connecting a push-off cycle counter.